Unending HR Issues? Get Help Now!

Have you been stressing over human resources issues with seemingly no end? Letting us address your company’s HR duties can unfurl the tangled web of projects so you can focus on productivity and profits. People Solutions Center of St. Louis will be your HR partner that gets results and keeps your company on track.

People Solutions has a results-driven record working with various size companies and developing customized strategic solutions with proven success. Our ability to properly assess your company’s current state and create customized solutions that are easily implemented is what puts us above the rest. Hiring People Solutions as your HR consultant means we work with you to integrate the recommended employee courses, leadership and training programs, project management, diversity and inclusion courses, and the newest legal requirements.

HR Expertise

When you partner with us, we will review the current state of your HR practices and identify areas of risk, suggest solutions to ensure compliance with the appropriate laws, and more importantly recommend people strategies that will help you create a friendly, enjoyable and productive work environment. And not only will we make recommendations, we’ll be there to help you expedite a seamless transition as we update, train and untangle that sticky HR web.

  • Write or update job descriptions
  • Create employee handbooks
  • Develop performance evaluations
  • Generate performance management tools
  • Increase employee engagement

Research has proven a great work environment promotes innovation, outstanding customer service and strategic solutions to problems. In addition, creating a great place to work also increases morale, productivity and reduces turnover – a direct impact to your bottom line! People Solutions offers unique programs that inspire a coveted work environment.

  • Improve team communication and change management plans
  • Enhance team effectiveness by building trust and accountability
  • Facilitate workshops to improve team effectiveness and customer service
  • Talent Acquisition and Talent Development
  • Title VII, FLSA, FMLA, ADA training and compliance

Finding and developing top talent is critical to your success; People Solutions will help you find the best match of skills and motivation. In addition, we will create tools and processes that help you leverage your existing talent to achieve outstanding results.

  • Define key competencies and motivational fit for your culture
  • Develop interview processes and techniques
  • Facilitate talent review and succession planning sessions
  • Implement recruiting strategies that find the right candidates
  • Develop current talent to full potential

People Solutions Center is your Human Resources partner! Outsourcing to us has countless advantages; most importantly, your company will have happy, productive team members, leading to increased profits. Contact us today, 314-302-5969.