Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Workplace:
More Than Just a Percentage.

Did you know that diverse and inclusive companies are roughly 15-35 percent more likely to experience above-average financial returns? Companies who understand the value of creating a diverse environment by celebrating all backgrounds, experiences and personal styles, will always outperform their competitors. 

Many people don’t realize that diversity is not only defined by ethnicity; it also encompasses all of the parts of our backgrounds and experiences that make each one of us unique. Examples include:  Age, Disability, Ethnicity/national origin, Family status, Sex, Gender identity, Generation, Language, Life experiences, Neurodiversity, Organizational function, Race, Religion, Sexual orientation, and Veteran status.

If you’re not realizing high returns, this could be a result of needing a more diverse and inclusive workforce. In a healthy workplace environment, a variety of voices should be encouraged, heard, and included

Is there solid representation of diverse individuals at different levels within your company? Is there acceptance? 

If your answer is that your organization needs improvement, you’ve probably also asked yourself the following questions:

How can I increase diversity within my organization? What are the first steps to inclusivity in the workplace? Who can help me learn?

Start here – the HR experts at People Solutions Center will walk your company through the ever-changing, important workplace diversity, equity and inclusion subject with the proper training and programs. We know that your company may be at varying stages of implementing programs to create diverse work environments, but it doesn’t happen overnight and there is a right way to do it. 

Work with us to improve your diversity, equity and inclusion program with new, comprehensive HR strategies, employee training and company-wide consultation. We will advise you on the appropriate strategies and simplify the process through diversity training that is both easy to navigate and unique to your organization. Our experts can also help you follow the appropriate laws to avoid costly employee lawsuits and reduce the emotional consequences your other employees may face.

We are passionate about helping companies to progress beyond ‘inclusive’ and create a culture of belonging that leverages the diverse backgrounds of all team members. We would love to partner with you to assess your current progress and develop strategies to take your diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, as well as your financial returns, to the next level.

To make diversity, equity and inclusiveness an integral part of your company’s culture, contact People Solutions Center today, 314-302-5969.

I hired People Solutions Center to assist with the new handbook, as well as job descriptions and a position that I had available. Within two weeks, we had a rough draft of our handbook and with minor changes, our handbook was completed.

Sandy Furuya
President, Wamhoff Accounting Services