Meet Your HR Experts

Our team is composed of highly talented and accomplished professionals who are ready to assist you with your HR worries and woes. Their many years of education and experience ensures that your trust is in the right hands. Read more about your HR Experts below.

  • Katie Magoon

    Founder and President
    Katie Magoon founded People Solutions Center in 2016 to help companies with their growing HR concerns....
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  • Kathy Fleming

    Business Developmental Specialist
    When Kathy Fleming is your go-to HR Expert, success is sure to follow. Kathy brought her many years of...
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  • Catherine Proulx

    Human Resources Consultant
    Catherine Proulx is a talented human resource professional dedicated to helping connect people with the...
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  • Stacey Starr

    Human Resources and Recruiting Consultant
    Stacey Starr is a passionate HR expert with great knowledge in a variety of HR topics, including recruiting,...
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