HR Alertline Services

Do you want to provide your employees with the comfort of knowing that their concerns will be heard and valued? Do you want to protect your people from harassment and discrimination? Our Confidential Alertline Service is an all-access hotline for businesses of all sizes. Each call submitted receives a full investigation and recommendations on how to handle reported situations.

This service is accompanied by access to our toolkit that will teach you how to communicate the use of this hotline to your staff. And, because we genuinely want your employees to flourish in their roles, you’ll also receive unlimited access to our coveted webinar training for managers titled “Zero Tolerance: A Manager’s Role in Creating a Respectful Workplace.” While this is an important solution for all businesses, it is a key way for family and single-owner businesses to reduce their legal risks.

Employer Benefits

  • HR Alertline will reinforce your interest in providing a respectful workplace.
  • The likelihood that employees will notify you of inappropriate behavior in the workplace will be much higher.
  • You can rest assured knowing that your employees can feel comfortable reporting workplace harassment.
  • Having a viable complaint process will limit your legal risk

Employee Benefits

  • The anonymous option to report harassment issues will foster comfortability within the workplace and keep an open line of communication.
  • Employees are assured that an objective investigation process will be conducted by an independent HR professional.
  • Consistent access to confidential updates on the investigation process will be provided.

Program Cost Breakdown

Number of Employees Annual Rate
1-25 $1200
26-75 $2400
75 or more $4800

Ensure your business is ready for whatever comes your way! If you are ready to get started with our Confidential Alertline Services. Contact us today

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