InterviewPath: Helping You Ask the Right Questions to Hire The Right Candidates

If the events of this year have taught us nothing else, let it be that we need the right humans on our team. Finding your tribe when we are physically disconnected is no easy task. Your HR team at People Solutions Center can help you grow your business with the right people for the positions you need to fill.

Today’s job market is ever-changing, with a constant flux of new and seasoned potential employees churning around in the seemingly endless sea of applications and cover letters. A good interview process is the difference between finding an employee who can get the job done well and finding an invaluable, long-haul, team-member who can scale along with you.

Do you face any of these challenges with your current interview process?

  • Failure to obtain the proper responses to make a meaningful hiring decision.
  • Inconsistent or repetitive questions, based on the interviewer.
  • Fear of a current employee asking inappropriate, or worse, illegal questions.
  • Expensive, difficult to use, or non-customizable interview guides already in place.
  • Hours, days, or weeks spent manually creating interview guides.

Navigating the modern-day interview process can be confusing and time-consuming. At its worst, it can also potentially open the company up to unintended liability. If you answered yes to any of the questions above—you need help. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Putting together quality, non-repetitive questions and working around rigid guides and requirements already in place (or creating new ones) often makes organizing interviews an unpleasant experience for both the recruiter and candidate.

Plus, an interview can be potentially disastrous for the organization when done poorly. Throw in the potential to accidentally include some inappropriate—or worse, illegal—questions, and the hiring process can start to look like a veritable minefield rather than the exciting moment of growth that it really is.

You’re likely already adapting your daily company practices and procedures to fit your organization’s current needs, your employees, and the quickly-changing new world. We’re all working hard to conform to present professional and social standards. Why shouldn’t your interview process change to fit these needs, as well?

People Solutions Center brings you access to a tool to simplify, standardize and strengthen your interview process—turning it into a priceless vehicle for you and your team.

Meet InterviewPath. Because the 1950’s called—and they want their interview questions back.

This versatile product is the difference between “Do you consider yourself a team player?” and “Describe a time when you created a positive relationship or improved a struggling one with another department within your organization.”

InterviewPath is easy to use, cloud-based and available on any device, allowing users to choose from 60 competencies and over 1000 situational-based questions. This software makes navigating through repetitive, inappropriate or useless queries simple.

Quality questions mean you’ll receive quality answers, get the most out of the time and effort invested and walk out of each interview with a clear idea of where your candidate stands. Ensure that you’ll know each interviewee’s potential in every aspect of your business, whether that’s within your team or working with your clientele.

You can trust the experts behind InterviewPath. This state-of-the-art software was created by a group of HR professionals with nearly 100 years’ combined experience. Couple that with the guidance of a licensed Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology to ensure you receive top-notch, invaluable information and tools from industry leaders.

You’ll also love InterviewPath’s best practice tips for interviewing and evaluation, as well as expertly-curated forms to guarantee that the interview process is enjoyable and beneficial for everyone involved.

Don’t waste another minute on the wrong interview questions. Get the best candidates for your next project with InterviewPath. Contact us today to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.