Leveraging Personal Styles to Improve Team Performance

Your business is like a piece of machinery. There are many moving parts, each with their own essential functions. You need several people to keep your business running smoothly but, most importantly, you need to have the right people in the right places.

Every person on your team has their own personality and work style. As a business owner, it is important that you leverage each of these unique styles and contributions. Doing so will ensure optimum team performance.

A Cohesive Team is a Thriving Team

When contemplating how to keep your business competitive, you may consider implementing strategies such as emphasizing excellent customer service or introducing a new product. But did you know that efficient teamwork is perhaps the biggest untapped competitive advantage? The greatest achievements are reached by competent and well-equipped teams.

Identifying each of your employees’ strengths and weaknesses is a tool you can use in many ways including:
building trust within the team
encouraging healthy conflict that leads to new ideas
giving your employees the confidence to commit to decisions
holding each other accountable
focusing on achieving collective results

Identifying Individual Strengths Within Your Team

Our Everything DiSC® assessments provide a common language that you can use to better understand each of your employees’ personalities and place them in strategic areas within your company. Results from these assessments can help you predict how well each person will work with others in the same work environment.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator dives a bit deeper into analyzing personalities and is a good indicator of an individual’s personal thinking. There are 16 possible personality types and these are often used to predict how well a person will perform when assigned a certain task. Learn more about the Myers-Briggs test here.

Helping Your Employees Understand Themselves

Being able to identify the strengths, weaknesses and personality styles of each of your employees is an essential step towards creating an effective, functional team. As a company leader, you need to know where your employees will thrive on both a personal and professional level. The most innovative and successful leaders are passionate about helping their employees learn about themselves.

Strengthsfinder workshops can help each person learn things they may have not known about themselves. After a series of questions, they will receive a list of their top five strengths along with a detailed explanation of how to leverage them. Strengthsfinder also includes an action planner tool to help your employees best apply those strengths to current team projects.
There are many tools your company can use to help you develop a cohesive work team.

People Solutions Center offers a wide array of workshops- all tailored to meet the needs of your company and help your people thrive. These workshops are highly interactive and focus on practical applications. Your team members will walk away with useful knowledge that inspires their talents and growth. Give us a call today at (314) 302-5969 to set up a consultation!