Our team list 2

  • Keith Pott

    Business Development Specialist
    Keith Pott is a Business Development Specialist with over 30 years of Sales and Customer Success experience....
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  • Mary Ann Dobbins

    Recruiting Administrative Assistant
    Recruiting Administrative Assistant Mary Ann Dobbins started her career in recruiting then moved into...
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  • Sara McCartney

    Recruiting Consultant
    Sara McCartney is driven by providing an exceptional candidate experience. She understands that the job...
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  • Katie Magoon

    Founder and President
    Katie Magoon founded People Solutions Center in 2016 to help companies with their growing HR concerns....
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  • Catherine Proulx

    Human Resources Consultant
    Catherine Proulx is a talented human resource professional dedicated to helping connect people with the...
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  • Stacey Starr

    Operations Manager
    Stacey Starr is a passionate HR expert with great knowledge in a variety of HR topics, including recruiting,...
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